Influencer marketing - when the world is on hold.

Like many industries, the COVID19-crisis has made a strong impact on influencer marketing as businesses are pausing campaigns and reducing marketing budgets. Now, more than ever, influencer marketing needs to prove its strength and profitability, generating a positive ROI. Today’s businesses require more than the number of followers, likes and engagement rates when investing in new campaigns and projects; influencer collaborations need to pay off and showcase solidresults worth the investment.

As an immediate consequence, influencers are publishing links as they are compensated based on the generated clicks or completed transactions. In fact, the number of clicks from links provided by influencers to e-commerce sites increased with 30% during March, compared to the end of February, especially evident on Instagram according to Apprl. Again, likes and engagement rates are not as interesting as it gives little indication of how well an influencer may perform – clicks and transactions are more efficient to measure and trace. The demand for collaborations able to generate clicks, traffic and sales are increasing, especially during the last couple of weeks.

During uncertain times, companies tend to cut down on marketing budgets. However, we believe it is more important than ever to continue marketing during this critical period. People still consume, just differently. Influencer platform Later presented data implying a 18% increase in average screen time since coronavirus emerged and a 53% increase in online sales compared to the same time frame last year. As more people turn to e-commerce, there is an opportunity to put out impactful messaging that will nurture current as well as new, potential customers. In fact, influencer marketing is deemed an effective strategy to stand out and target customers who behave and consume differently due to the global pandemic and social distancing. As such, we want to share our best insights and practices on how to create cost-effective and rewarding influencer campaigns with you.

On Friday 24th of April 15:00, Awelin hosted a webinar through GoToWebinar discussing how we work with influencer marketing during the COVID19-crisis. We talked about the necessity of positive ROI and how we create profitable and scalable influencer campaigns for our clients, targeting customers that are more connected and online than ever. 

Stay safe!

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