Is TikTok the new Instagram?

We are not the only ones curious about the success story of TikTok, and we bet you are as well. Being one of the most downloaded apps today, TikTok is attracting hundreds of millions of users to create, like and watch short videos of TikTokers lip-syncing and dancing. Compared to social media’s darling Instagram, TikTok is all about short clips, far away from Instagram’s picture-perfect stories and and novel-styled captions.

Typically, your instagram feed relies on profiles you’ve carefully chosen to follow. On TikTok, your feed is based on what you previously have liked, comment and spent time on. That is, your organic feed – the ‘for you page’ – is full of unknown creators that you most likely never seen or interacted with before, but creates content you probably will like. Less focus is devoted to followers and likes, and more attention is drawn to views, where the ultimate goal for a TikToker is to go viral, gaining ‘TikTok fame’. 

Not only young people are using the social media app. Gradually, an older audience is discovering the joy of TikTok and a shift in nature of content is slowly taking place; creative and aesthetic videos capturing candid moments. We recognize some of them from Instagram and Youtube – Get ready with me, Night Routine and Story Time – but the short-video format requires less attention and is arguably more addictive than its competition. With this shift in audience demographic and content, will Tik Tok be the new Instagram? Probably, yes. However, we expect influencer content on TikTok to be distinct from what we’ve seen on Instagram. We look forward to see how it will appear and be presented, as we already now can sense a more creative and smart audience.

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