Case Study

Helping PriceRunner
take Facebook reach to the next level with DABA.

Scaling dynamic efforts.

A vital part of our work for PriceRunner is building, optimizing and iterating on the dynamic capabilities of Facebook to leverage PriceRunner’s large inventory of products. One successful strategy has been utilizing the new DABA product feed advertisement solution.

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Sweden’s largest website for price comparison with over 2,3 million products from over 6,400 stores.

Case study

The outcome.

657 %

Total YoY increase in revenue from Facebook Q1 2020.

Thanks to leveraging a scalable setup we have achieved to increase Facebook attributed revenue by 863% on a year-on-year basis during the last quarter (Q1 2020). Worth noting is that we already in 2019, grew Facebook volume for the client by 77% compared to the previous year.

*According to Google Analytics data. 

+ 1 M

Audience Reached

Thanks to its broad product inventory, PriceRunner can reach a larger audience with high relevance. For the client, this means – being able to reach a massive share of it’s targetable market and their devices. The combination of high reach and high relevance is due to Facebook’s automated broad matching targeting and has consistently delivered high ad user engagement numbers and profitability.

+ 57 %

Prospecting ROAS

Thanks to frequent optimization of the client’s dynamic prospecting campaigns we have been able to achieve +190% ROAS. This not only serves PriceRunner’s massive brand awareness, it also delivers a high influx of new users. Audience & budget management along with continuous ad improvements ended up being the key success factor. This work has been done as a joint effort with the client.


Until being introduced to DABA by Awelin, we didn’t believe upper funnel prospecting could be conducted at scale, both relevant and profitable. Of course, all of this didn’t come from day one – it is a consequence of the relentless optimization work done together with Awelin.

Fredrik Elväng

Head of Traffic

Success factors.

After working with PriceRunner for over a year and a half we’re still learning and improving. Together we’ve formed a relationship based on performance where we are constantly iterating concepts and campaigns to maximize the results, setting higher goals each quarter.

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