Case Study

Increasing ICHI’s
online revenue
with over 500%.


Accelerating online sales with digital marketing.

For some time, Danish fashion brand ICHI did experience slow growth and weak contribution to overall sales. Awelin was appointed to establish an effective digital marketing strategy to increase brand awareness and traffic to the website, with the main ambition to convert prospects into actual, paying customers.

ICHI has delivered high quality pieces in an accessible price range for almost two decades. They operate in more than 47 countries and are represented in over 1800 shops worldwide.

Case study

The outcome.

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Increase in sales revenue.

With a global and scalable digital approach, we did not only reach, but exceed sales revenue target year over year. By combining and creating synergies within the digital marketing sphere and keeping a data-first approach, we were able to achieve impressive results.

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Above avid revenue targets.

With the marketing calendar in mind, we established long term marketing plans that allowed ICHI to foresee seasonalities and adjust strategies accordingly, aligning product selection with online sales & offers.

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Total Cost of Sale.

With calibrated digital marketing programs and secured tracking implementations,
we could optimize CoS in real-time and continuously decrease the cost due to smarter and sufficient bidding. By effectively distributing budget across all channels with different objectives while keeping a focus on conversion we knew we needed to contribute with strategic input on the on organic channels such as email marketing to level out spend versus revenue.


Awelin turned out to be just the digital growth-hack we needed. I had the pleasure working with the passionated and top-professional team at Awelin, advancing ICHI’s digital marketing strategy. Awelin has been developing and executing digital campaigns, programs and activities, which has truly fueled our business growth.

Mette-My Filholm Kristensen

Division E-Commerce Manager
DK Company

Success factors.

To achieve profitability and commercial success for ICHI, Awelin refined and managed ICHI’s main areas; Facebook, Instagram, Google and conversion rate optimization & campaign alignment on site. Ultimately, Awelin conducted a consistent and solid digital marketing strategy that covered most of ICHI’s online business, including campaign planning, budgeting, time-schemes, content-production, relationship & community-building and influencer marketing.

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