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Deliver ads on the fastest growing social media platform of our time. We, at Awelin, are among the few agencies to gain access to the beta-platform for TikTok auction ads, the next big thing in Digital Marketing. 

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TikTok recently released their beta-program for ads and since then, we have been digging into what we can do and how we, in the future, can leverage on this highly anticipated platform. Firstly, the investment going forward isn’t as heavy as the former ruler – Reserved ads.

Not only are the reserved ads more investment heavy, they are reserved for the hot shots. This is where the fun begins with auction ads – Now even the average Joe can invest in the new channel and create success. It is still quite a hefty investment, given the fact that no data reveals where TikTok places itself in the marketing funnel – but hey, why not try to break new ground and be one the first to advertise on a social media platform with more that 500 million monthly returning users?

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Auction ads are CPC based ads where you, just like Facebook, decide on the objective of the campaign, then you decide on if you want to optimize towards traffic or conversions. If you have the TikTok pixel inserted and implemented you can start using the TikTok ads for retargeting and conversion generating channel.

Budget can be distributed in two ways, daily budget of $50 USD or a lifetime budget of $580 USD.

  • Tiktok takes care of everything ads-related for you, at a fixed price.
  • Access to all available ads formats and placements
  • Takeovers, filters & Stickers
  • No reporting tool – you buy estimations & guaranteed impressions and TikTok sends you the statistics
  • For feed ads it’s: $7,500 – $22,000 USD/ day
  • Brand takeover: $16,000 – $42,000 USD/ day
  • Sticker ad: $30,000 – $80,000 USD

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